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Top 2 services for audio/video transcriptions and closed captioning

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Audio Guide Closed Captions

In this quick audio guide were going to talk about transcriptions and subtitles. The tools on this page are going to help you accomplish two things:

1) Create transcriptions for your video or audio files
2) Create subtitles for your videos

First lets talk about transcriptions. Transcriptions are basically the text version of whatever the dialog is in an audio or video file. So using the tools listed on this page, all you have to do is upload your audio or video file, and then somebody is going to listen to that file and, type out exactly what’s being said. When they’re finished, the transcription will then be delivered to you as a text file.

So you might be wondering why would I want transcriptions? The main reason would be for SEO. So lets say you have a particular page on your website where a video is the main content of that page. When Google crawls that page, it’s going to have a hard time determining what’s being said in that video. So what I would recommend doing is pasting that transcription somewhere next to your video. This way Google can more easily understand the content and keywords for that page.

Now let’s talk about subtitles. Subtitles are also what’s known as closed captioning. If you want to give your viewers the option to see subtitles in your videos, most video players will require you to upload what’s called an SRT file. This is a special type of transcription that includes timestamps. These timestamps will tell your video player when to show each word so that the subtitles match the spoken dialog.

Why create subtitles? Well the first and most obvious example is that some of your viewers might be deaf or hard of hearing. For other viewers, English might not be their first language, in which case having both the text and the audio can be really beneficial. Also, if your video has a lot of technical terminology, subtitles can help remove some of that confusion as to what’s being discussed. Whatever the case the tools listed on this page are going to save you a ton of time from having do this manually.

We wish you the best of luck and thanks for using TopAlternatives.

  • Have the audio from your videos transcribed into text format for use on your website (improve your SEO).
  • Receive timestamped subtitles (SRT file) that can be used to add subtitles (closed captioning).
  • Receive text transcriptions for your podcasts.
  • Save yourself a ton of time from having to transcribe things on your own.


Rev costs $1/minute to transcribe most audio or video files. So the total cost to transcribe 5 minutes of audio or video would be $5.

Most transcripts are delivered within 12 hours. Transcriptions are delivered as a Microsoft Word document.

SRT files (for closed captioning/subtitles) can be ordered separately for an additional fee of $1/minute.

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Speechpad pricing ranges between $1–3/minute depending on how quickly you want your transcriptions delivered.

Transcripts are delivered within 24–168 hours depending on how much you pay.

  • $1/minute if delivered in one week
  • $1.50/minute if delivered in 48 hours
  • $3/minute if delivered in 24 hours

Transcripts are delivered in plain text, RTF (rich text format), or as HTML.

SRT files (for closed captioning/subtitles) can be ordered separately for an additional fee of $1.50/minute.

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