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Top 3 tools for creating exit-intent popups for opt-ins and promos

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In this audio guide were going to talk about exit-intent popups. Specifically, using popups on your website to either collect email addresses or to display promotional messages. I think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to significantly increase your opt-ins or your sales conversions using these tools. And we'll talk more about this in just a second.

First, I want to quickly explain what exit-intent technology means. Exit-intent means that a popup won't be shown until a user's mouse actually leaves your website. So let's say somebody's on your website and they move their mouse towards the back button, maybe to go back to Google, or wherever they came from. As soon as their cursor leaves your website and moves towards those browser buttons, that's when the popup will be shown. We like this type of popup because, in theory, the user's intent at this point in time is to leave your website.

1) Now if you're using popups to get more email subscribers, you are going to want to offer some sort of incentive for the user to give you their email address. The best way to do this is to offer a bonus or a maybe discount. I would come up with two or three different ideas and then split test them to see which one performs best. Split testing is included in most of the tools listed on this page. So you can split test different things, like what the offer is, different images, different copy, etc.

2) Now in addition to collecting opt-ins, with some of these tools you can also create promos or announcements. So a promo would be something like "Hey, we just launched this new product, click here to get 25% off." In this scenario the user doesn't have to actually enter their email address to get the discount, they can just click a button.

This is my favorite way to use exit-intent popups, specifically on order pages. So by order page, I mean any page where a user has to enter their credit card information or click a Buy Now button. Either way these users are pretty far along in the buying process so using exit-intent popups just on these pages and saying something like "Hey, last chance, click here to get $10 off." This can be really effective in converting customers who were just about to abandon their order.

So we hope that those quick examples will give you some ideas about how you can implement these tools.

We wish you the best of luck and thanks for using TopAlternatives.

  • Use exit-intent technology to trigger popups/overlays when a user is about to leave your website (when they move their mouse cursor outside of your web page).
  • Increase your email opt-in rate and gain more newsletter subscribers.
  • Perform A/B split tests to see which popups have the highest conversion rate.
  • Connect your account to popular email marketing services like MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, and more.
  • Find a more affordable alternative to companies like Bounce Exchange and Exit Intel.
GetSiteControl» Visit Free plan available


GetSiteControl pricing starts at $10/month (or $8/month when paid annually). A free plan is available with limited features.

Opt-in boxes can be displayed as a lightbox or in 8 other positions on your website.

Targeting options include geography, page URL, device type, number of pages viewed, time on site, referrers, UTM tags, and more.

A/B split testing is also available.

Currently, GetSiteControl does not offer the ability to add custom images or HTML.

In addition to email opt-ins, GetSiteControl also offers slide-ins and popups for promo messages, surveys, social media buttons, and contact forms.

A WordPress plugin is available.

Free plan available


OptinMonster pricing starts at $39/month (or $29/month when paid annually). Cheaper plans are available but they do not include exit-intent technology.

Opt-in boxes can be displayed as a light-box, slide-in, footer bar, or within your website’s content (sidebar or at the end of blog posts).

OptinMonster offers page-level targeting for specific posts, pages, categories, etc.

A/B split testing is also available.

Their canvas feature allows you to add custom images and HTML.

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Sumo List Builder» Visit Free plan available

Sumo List Builder

The Sumo List Builder is free to use. Additional features are available with their paid plans, which start at $49/month (or $29/month when paid annually).

Opt-in boxes are displayed as a lightbox. If you are looking for scroll-triggered slide-ins you can try the Sumo Scroll Box.

Targeting options include page URL, device type, time on page, frequency, and more.

A/B split testing is also available.

In addition to their standard template, you also have the ability to add custom images and HTML.

A WordPress plugin is available.

Free plan available


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