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Top 3 free tools for checking backlinks (see who’s linking to your website)

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In this quick audio guide, we're going to talk about what backlinks are, why they're important and how you can use the tools that we recommend on this page to research backlink data. A backlink is anytime somebody links to your website. Say somebody writes an article about you on and within that article, they link to your website, that would be considered a backlink. Now, backlinks are important because it's one of the key factors that Google uses to assess the credibility of your website. Having a lot of high quality backlinks will in turn help improve your keyword rankings in Google search results.

Now, the best way to use the tools on this page is to research your competition. For each of these tools, you can type in your competitors' domain name and you'll receive a list of the backlinks that they have. This can immediately help you find link building opportunities. It can help you plan outreach, who to contact, who's talking about similar services. It can help you brainstorm good content that you should create, what kind of content is getting a lot of backlinks, or getting a lot of buzz.

Keep in mind, each of these tools has their own unique backlink database. In order to get more of a comprehensive view of the backlink data, we recommend using multiple tools and kind of combining the results that you receive. Lastly, you want to be looking for quality, not quantity. Getting backlinks from high quality websites will help your own site perform better in the long run. We wish you the best of luck and thanks for using TopAlternatives.

  • Discover how many backlinks your website has (who’s linking to your website).
  • Get even more accurate results by combining data from multiple sources.
  • Research competitors’ websites to find out where their links are coming from.
  • Replace the old Yahoo! Site Explorer.
OpenLinkprofiler» Visit Free plan available


OpenLinkprofiler is free to use. You’ll be able to view the backlinks of any website as well as backlink information such as link influence, link anchor text, nofollow, link age, country, and more.

Some premium features are available with a paid plan from SEOprofiler.

Free plan available
RankSignals» Visit Completely free


RankSignals is free to use (registration is required). You’ll be able to view the backlinks of any website as well as backlink information such as PageRank, link anchor text, nofollow, and more.

A chrome extension called “Quick SEO” is also available.

Completely free
SEO SpyGlass» Visit Free plan available

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is free to use (with limited features). You’ll be able to view the first 1,100 backlinks of any website for free (up to 5 checks per day). You can also view page rank, popular anchor text, link value, domain age, links back, and more.

Unlike the other tools, which are web-based services, SEO SpyGlass is desktop software that you will need to download and install onto your computer (PC, Mac, or Linux).

Additional features are available with their paid plan, which costs $125 (one-time fee). This includes six months of “search algorithm updates.” After the six-month period, a subscription is needed to continue receiving the updates. This costs anywhere between $3–7/month.

Free plan available
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