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Top 3 websites for hiring voice-over talent (voice actors)

  • Find voice actors to record audio narration for your videos, ads, podcasts, e-learning projects, mobile apps, audio books, website tours, etc.
  • Search for voice actors based on special criteria such as gender, age, language, style, etc.
  • Post your project requirements online and have voice actors submit audio auditions.
  • Listen to thousands of audio samples and invite specific actors to audition for your project.
1 has a minimum budget amount of $100. When posting a project to find voice actors, you can set a specific price or budget range. Pricing, from a voice actor’s perspective, is usually based on the number of words spoken.

When you post a project you’ll receive auditions from various voice actors. Oftentimes they will use the text from your script in their auditions so you can hear how their voice fits with your project. You can also invite specific voice actors to audition, which I recommend.

Turnaround time is quick. You may start receiving auditions within a few hours.

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VoiceBunny pricing starts at $31 for 25 words of spoken audio.

VoiceBunny also offer an API that allows you to post multiple projects automatically.

Turnaround time can be quick, but it does depend on the pricing plan you choose.

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Fiverr pricing starts at just $5. Each seller’s pricing will differ based on various factors (length of script, commercial use, audio enhancements, speed of delivery, etc.).

Turnaround time can be quick (sometimes within 24 hours), but it does depend on the seller.

Fiverr is a great option for those on a tight budget.

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