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Top 2 websites for hiring developers to fix small WordPress issues

  • Hire WordPress experts to help improve your WordPress website.
  • Receive help with design issues, plugin compatibility, theme customization, security issues, site speed, etc.
  • Solve WordPress problems quickly (often the same day).

WP Curve

WP Curve pricing starts at $79/month (or $69/month when paid annually) and includes “unlimited” small tasks (30 minutes or less) for one website.

WP Curve provides a team of WordPress developers that can quickly fix any WordPress issues you may have. Tasks are completed the same day (usually within 6 hours or less).



Codeable pricing is based on how much developers bid to complete your specific task. The actual price you pay will be the average of all bids plus a 15% fee.

Codeable allows you to choose the individual developer you would like to complete your task. Response time depends on the bidding process, but bids usually start to arrive within 10 minutes.

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